• What personal information does¬†International Drag’s website collect?

– We do not collect personally identifiable information on the website.

– We use a service provider to collect contact information users voluntarily provide.

  • How and why you collect it.

– We dont collect user information. See above.

  • How you use it.

– If you have provided Austin International Drag with any contact information, we use it strictly to communicate with you about our festival or events.

  • How you secure it.

– We do not keep contact information on our website. All contact information is stored on a 3rd party service (MailChimp).

  • Any third parties with access to it.

– None.

  • If you use cookies.

–¬†We use google analytics to better understand how one uses our website.

– We do not store any cookie information on our website.

  • How users can control any aspects of this.

– Users can use a 3rd party plugins such as “Ghostry” to prevent our website from capturing their presence on our site.
– Also, we do not force users to accept cookies to visit the website.