Our Mission

The mission of Austin International Drag Foundation Inc. is to educate, support and promote the drag artist community. We do this by providing resources and opportunities for individuals seeking to further their careers through showcases, festivals, and various other mediums. As a result of this mission, the general public is further educated about the drag community.


Board Of Directors

Jamie Steward Bancroft – Founder/President/CEO

Adrian Dominguez – Vice President

Scott Ian Ray – Director (Event Logistics/Fundraising/Creative Design)

Lilith Vander Griend – Director (Vendor Coordination)

Jack Rabid – Director (Community Drag King Liaison)

Alexandria Van Cartier – Interim Director (Community Drag Liaison)

Cheeki Khant – Interim Director (Community Drag Liaison)

Mary Jane Styles – Director (Community Drag Liaison/Marketing/Public Relations)

Max Sage (Ms. Anne Thrope) – Director (Community Drag Liaison)

Jackie Salcedo – Director (Social Media, Volunteer Director, Logistics)

David Richardson (Miss Kitty Litter ATX) – Director (Community Drag Liaison, Story Time Director)

We also would like to introduce you to our Council Members, Executive Committee and VIP’s.

Dr. Lady J (Drag Historian)

Michael Hacker (Graphic Design)

Victor Hugo (Web Design)

Jimmie Parker (Director of Photography)

Jennifer Chavez (Volunteer Coordinator)

Veranda L’Ni (Drag Pride flag creator)

Projects Under the AIDF umbrella:

Drag.Army (International Volunteer System) – Founder, Jamie Steward Bancroft

DragStar.Management (Non-Profit Artist Management/Booking Agency) – Founder, Jamie Steward Bancroft

Drag.Events (Global Drag Events Database)

Udrag.org (Global Drag Artist and Venue Database)